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Your piano is more than just furniture – it’s where your feelings and music come together. When it’s time to move it, you want to make sure it stays safe and sound. Unlike a couch or a table, pianos are delicate giants, and mishandling them can lead to costly repairs or even permanent damage.


That’s why it’s super important to pick the right piano moving service. They know just how to keep your piano’s insides safe and it’s outside looking great. With the right movers, your piano will reach its new home in the best shape, all set to fill your place with beautiful music once again.


For over 8 years, Ocean View Movers has been the trusted name in piano moving throughout Orange County. We’ve seen it all when it comes to piano moves. What sets us apart? We understand just how much your piano means to you. That’s why we handle every move with extra caution, keeping your piano safe and sound. Why stress when you’ve got the professional piano moving right here in Orange County? Leave the worries behind and let our professional movers take care of your piano relocation needs with ease.

Piano Moving Orange County

Piano Moving Services Orange County

Standard Piano Moving

Our standard piano moving service includes careful packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of your piano. We provide professional movers equipped with specialized piano moving equipment such as dollies, straps, and protective padding. Rest assured, we handle every aspect of the move, ensuring your piano arrives safely at its destination.

Grand Piano Moving

our expert team will take care of your piano. We'll make sure your grand piano gets to its new spot safe and sound. Our team knows exactly how to move grand pianos safely. We use special tools like piano boards and skids to make sure your piano stays secure during the move. We handle everything from taking it apart to putting it back together, making sure it stays in great shape every step of the way.

Upright Piano Moving

Our upright piano moving service includes proper lifting and maneuvering techniques to safely transport your instrument. They're smaller than grand pianos but just as important. We will make sure your upright piano gets from point A to point B without any bumps or bruises. We have the best piano movers in Orange County CA who know exactly how to handle them.

Long-Distance Piano Moving

Pianos are delicate instruments, and long journeys require extra care and planning. From climate control to secure transport, long-distance piano moves demand specific expertise. Our service for moving pianos long distances keeps your instrument safe while traveling far. We use special trucks with climate control and advanced ways to make sure your piano stays secure.

Piano Storage

Sometimes you'll need a place to keep your piano safe for a while. That's where piano storage services come in handy! Whether you're moving to a new place or fixing up your current one, we've got you covered. Our piano storage service provides a safe environment for your instrument when not in use. Our facilities are equipped with security measures to protect your piano from theft and damage.

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